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The Great Valley School District will be making a few calendar adjustments in November and December that are necessitated by conferences, the Thanksgiving break, and other calendar revisions. Please see the following adjustments:


  • November 2 & 3 (Mon/Tues)                

    • Parent/Teacher Conferences                  

  • November 4 (Wednesday)                     

    • Asynchronous Day for students

  • November 5 (Thursday)                         

    • Hybrid Group A   (Tuesday-Thursday)         

  • November 6 (Friday)                             

    • Hybrid Group B   (Wednesday – Friday)         

  • November 23 (Monday)                       

    • Hybrid Group B   (Wednesday – Friday)

  • November 24  (Tuesday)                      

    • Hybrid Group A    (Tuesday - Thursday)      

  • December 23 (Wednesday)                   

    • Hybrid Group B (Full day of school)

Parents, please review this important dismissal reminder for ALL HYBRID students:

  • If your child is a pickup every day – please write one note and indicate that your child is a



  • If your child is occasionally a pick up after school, please send a note into school on the day your child is being picked up.


It is imperative that you state on either type of note the name of person who is picking up your child.

If you need to occasionally pick your child up early, it needs to happen prior to 3:15pm.  Any other pick-ups will happen at regular pick-up time at 3:35.





Thursday, 12/24 - Friday, 01/01 

Winter Break

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Below is a list of teachers for

Charlestown this school year:


  • Kindergarten:  Mrs. Paraschak, Mrs. Rolling, Ms Coreno

  • First Grade – Ms. Dore, Mrs. Gronwaldt, Mrs. Krasna/(Ms. Macey for 1st semester)

  • Second Grade – Mrs. Lloyd, Mrs. Marchese, Mrs. McFarland

  • Third Grade – Mrs. Doyle, Mr. Goldstein, Mr. Vogt

  • Fourth Grade – Ms. Conroy, Mrs. Gleason, Mrs. Wagner

  • Fifth Grade – Mrs. Cooper, Ms. Mariani, Mrs. Shock


  • Learning Support – Mrs. Aker, Ms. Caffey

  • Speech Therapist – Mr. Brown

  • OT – Mrs. Jacques

  • PT – Mrs. Brophy

  • Gifted Support– Mrs. Hannah

  • School Psychologist – Ms. Weyant


  • Physical Education- Mr. Meiswich

  • Art – Mrs. O’Keefe, Ms. Regula

  • Music – Ms. Gavin

  • Steam – Mrs. Abraham

  • Library – Mrs. Hoyt


  • School Counselor – Mrs. Uhrich

  • School Nurse – Mrs. Rogan

  • Reading Specialist – TBA

  • Intervention Teacher – Ms. VanOcker

  • ELL Teacher – Mrs. Wolfe

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