Charlestown PTO Committee List 2019‐2020


 President: Jenn Tshudy
  • Auction: Lorie Johnson, Krista Ferguson

  • 5th Grade Year Book:

  • Movie Night:  Melissa Wiggers

  • Back to School Night:

  • Sunday Check List:  Jenn Tshudy

  • PTO Handbook:  Jenn Tshudy

  • Lead Classroom Parent:  Joanne Tidwell

1st Vice President: Michelle Clymer 
  • Ice cream Social: Michelle Clyer

  • Lead Parent Coordinator: Joanne Tidwell

  • CFA/Bingo Night: Bulldog Dads

  • Field Day: Jaime Shaughnessy

  • Spiritwear:  Liz Hounsell


2nd Vice President: Megan Charlton
  • 4th Grade Bake Sale: Courtney Grady

  • 5th Grade Farewell: 

  • Directory:  Dana Melia

  • Teacher Appreciation Lunch: Krista Ferguson

  • Teacher Appreciation Dinner: Krista Ferguson

Corresponding Secretary: Cindy Parthmer
  • Photo Day:  Cindy Parthmer

  • Welcome New Families: Cindy Parthmer

  • Science Fair:

  • Spirit Week: Joanne Tidwell, Jaime Shaughnessy

  • Spring Fair:

  • Monthly Staff Appreciation:  Cindy Parthmer, Anne Altman

Recording Secretary: Whitney Kau
  • PTO Minutes: Anne Altman

  • CT Beautification:  Jenn Tshudy

Treasurer: Melissa McAndrews
  • PTO Budget


Assistant Treasurer: Erica Kowal
  •  Girl Scout Liaison: Joanne Tidwell

  • Teacher Resource Money: Lorie Johnson

  • Passive Fund Raisers:

    • Box Tops: Lori Johnson, Megan Wagenmann

    • GIANT: Lorie Johnson

    • Elementary Connections: Lorie Johnson

    • Dine and Donate:  Lorie Johnson, Michelle Clymer

    • AmazonSmile: Lorie Johnson

    • Shutterfly: Lorie Johnson, Michelle Clymer



Technology & Social MediaCourtney Grady

  • PTO Website:  Courtney Grady

  • PTO Facebook Page:  Courtney Grady

  • PTO Instagram:  Courtney Grady

  • Bulldog Blast: Courtney Grady


Parent Volunteer Opportunities

Chick-fil-a Bingo

The Bulldog Dad's will host Chick-fii-a Bingo night. Please plan to attend with your CT student(s) for a fun-filled night of CFA, bingo, popcorn and PRIZES!

Staff Appreciation 

During November conferences, the PTO arranges a Staff Appreciation Dinner. Parents can donate money for a catered meal for the CT Staff.



Every other year our major fundraising event for the school is the Auction. We are reaching out to parent volunteers to help make this event a success!  

CT Beautification (year round)

The Charlestown Courtyard was created in memory of a young Charlestown student who was tragically killed in an accident. Over the years, trees, bushes, a bench and birdfeeders have been added to the family’s loving gift of a white statue of a little girl, in memory of Bernadette Faggioli. This committee will weed and plant as needed in the Courtyard and the school entrance.

Library Volunteer (ongoing)

Parent volunteers are needed to assist the librarian with simple tasks such as shelving books. Emails will be sent out monthly to solicit volunteers.


Specials Volunteer (Art, Gym, Music) Volunteer as needed

Family Ambassador (ongoing)

Newcomers are encouraged to attend the New Family Orientation held just before the start of the school year. This event will allow you and your children to tour the school and ask questions of current students and parents at Charlestown. In addition, newcomers are invited to join our PTO Board for coffee and conversation in September. 

Our Ambassador’s Chairperson, Cindy Parthmer, is an invaluable resource and is available to guide all new families.

Classroom Volunteers (ongoing)

Parents will be invited to volunteer for classroom parties, events, special projects, field trips etc. Your classroom Parent Coordinator (PC) will email the class when these opportunities arise.